We are celebrating 50 years!

It all began in 1969

Morrie Haukereid and Billy Smith started the program in 1969.  They had so many kids show up  that they had to cut kids.  The the following year the program expanded to 4 teams. Since that time the Monona PeeWees have been a 4 team league consisting of the Mustangs, Packers, Colts and Falcons. Players from that first team are still active today as coaches and officials. 

The teams play 6 games, and a play off game if needed in order to crown a Champion.

‚ÄčParticipants are asked to solicit for donations to the organization. This has allowed the program to only charge $5 in order to participate. That hasn't changed since 1969.

Current Program

Every player receives everything they need in order to play. Monona PeeWee's use Riddell and Schutt helmets. All helmets are certified under the National Operating Committee for Sports Equipment (NOCSAE) standards.

We also hold an end of the year banquet that is paid for by the league. Trophies and awards are presented.